Friday, June 6, 2014

my heart


hah.. tired and keep me tired everyday. smile n keep smiling with the fake smile?.
Did u ever heard this.  be grateful bcoz there are someone behind u that getting bigger test than u. And that is me!!!!!

Stop just letting your advice in my ears. If u ever feel safe doing all the honest things to get the "reward-after", u must remember that behind u still have me who was hurting by u.
Why YOU choosing me to make me feel all the pain in this world, as the truth, others didn't feel that feeling.

Just let me live with the pain heart, but showing no thing in front of u just to see your smile.  Remember, that my heart will not turned to you . But i will build it to be stronger to turn back to u for what u have done.

Stop loving me if this just making me to die. U make me feel depress n keep on depressing me. who are you, and who i am to you ? Until u dare to do this shit.
How can i live with peace if u are there just throwing the shit to me.
I hate to be kind! hope 1 day i will let u go but at that time u miss me a lot. please appreciate what u have now. i miss u but u feel fine without me.
thanks god for everthng i got..

hehe done for today.
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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

cikepal dah kahwin?

huaaa. dah lama aku tak bukak dunia blog ni. terkejut aku bile cikepal new post die pakai baju pengantin. tercengang gak aku. tup2 dah kawen dah. hahah tak sangka. untunglah suami die. mesti cikepal masak semua resepi yang ade kat blog die.

anyway selamat pengantin baru cikepal. lepas ni jangan lupa update blog. nak tengok gamba anak2 pulak.
cikepal.. curi gamba tau jangan marah
ni blog die lepak2 la. best blog die.
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Tuesday, June 3, 2014


animoto ni boleh edit video gempak gile. kalau nak free tutorial pegi link best gile ar. tapi kene sign up dulu. just simple sign up. lepas dah teroka dalam die create la something there.

video die 30 saat je free... so korang download lah video tuh and then edit masuk dekat video yang korang wat. ok. kalau nak download mesti ade real player dekat lappy korang real player ni die ade set untuk download video. bile kite sentuh je cursor dekat video nanti ade button keluar atas vid tu tulis "download this video" just click. so untunglah lappy yang dah sedia ade real player tuh. hik3 macam lappy saya.

antara contoh video yang saya edit.

blablabalala.. ok dah tu je.


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